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An Ounce of Prevention: Taking extra precautions for your pets to keep them healthy

We have all heard that an ‘ounce of prevention’ is worth a ‘pound of cure’.  This applies to our pets as well.

Living in the beautiful western part of South Dakota has challenges that come with the terrain and the animals we share it with.  Our female English Springer Spaniel, Lady, ran into one of the more unsavory characters last week.  But thanks to an ‘ounce of prevention’ last year, all turned out well for Lady.

Lady and her buddy, Sabre, were, like most days, making the evening rounds on our property when they encountered Crotalus atrox; Western Diamond Back Rattler.  While we did not witness the encounter the result of it was very evident when Lady showed up with blood on her nose from pin sized punctures. The other tell-tale symptom is the immediate swelling that occurs near the bite.  Note in the photo the lump below Lady’s mouth and the swollen lip below her nose. Immediately we knew that she must get to the veterinarian ASAP for treatment.  So you don’t have to stay in suspense, all turned out well.  But the ‘ounce of prevention’ is what I want to share more about.








As mentioned before in earlier blogs regarding pet ownership ‘it comes with a lot of responsibility. Responsibility includes giving thought to the environmental threats that your pet may come into contact.  Last summer my son and I started planning an early grouse hunt in an area that we knew harbored rattlesnakes.  After inquiring with our veterinarian we were made aware that a ‘rattlesnake vaccine’ was now available.  So we did not hesitate to start the two shot process; the ‘ounce of prevention’.  Fortunately, our hunt last year went off without any snake episodes.  But getting the vaccine ten months prior decreased the likelihood of Lady succumbing to the snake bite and reduced the treatment regime required and her recovery time.  Our vet told us that without the vaccination last year she likely would have required five to seven days of hospitalization instead of the two night (second was optional) hospital stay.  Due to the vaccination we were able to avoid the ‘antivenin’ treatment which alone would have cost $600.00.

So how does the ‘ounce of prevention’ apply to what we feed our pets? A huge part of Lady’s recovery was due to being in proper condition and having been fed ‘Hubbard Life’s High Energy Dog Food’ which provides more than the eye can see (stamina, body condition, hair coat, bright eyes) such as a healthy immune system.  The immune function in all animals is influenced by a regular diet balanced with traces of essential minerals and vitamins.  Purchasing Hubbard Life pet food insures that your pet is getting 100% of the recommended nutrients every day.  Lady’s healthy immune system is why she recovered so quickly from a deadly, foreign protein inflicted by a rattlesnake.  The healthy immune system was developed by her consuming Hubbard Life’s High Energy dog food fortified with the nutrients required to build and maintain a healthy immune function.  And the rattlesnake vaccine worked because of the healthy immune system that built antibodies that were available when the poisonous venom entered her body. I’m glad we decided to use the ‘ounce of prevention’.  Now Lady will be in the field hunting with me this year!

Are you applying an ‘ounce of prevention’?  It starts with feeding your pets food that is formulated to meet their nutrient requirements, not just keeping them alive.  At Hubbard Life we not only provide your pet with proper nutrition we share with you the practical day to day things that make living with our pets more enjoyable.  For more information go to or catch up with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Posted on 7/26/2012 by Dr. Dave Whittington  |   Category: Cat, Dog, Equine, Poultry, Rabbit


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