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Hubbard Life for the Llama in Your Life!

Llamas are a unique part of any farm and deserve optimal nutrition to produce expected health and performance.  At Hubbard Life we understand the specific nutritional requirements of llamas and have designed Hubbard Life Llama Feed to supply the nutrients they need for proper health and performance.

Hubbard® Life Llama Feed contains high quality ingredients in a palatable formulation designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of llamas.  Hubbard Life Llama Feed contains high levels of essential vitamins, such as A, D, E, and zinc methionine to help maximize muscle and fiber growth. The feeding rate can be adjusted to fit the needs of individual llamas or to compensate for low quality roughages. Llama Nutrient Pellets are mainly a vitamin/trace mineral supplement pellet.

Llama Facts (courtesy of Llamas are members of the camelid family, which at one time thrived on the plains of North America.  With the Ice Age, llamas became extinct in North America.  Llamas migrated to South America and took up residence in the land of the Andean Mountains where they became beast of burden, the source of clothing and a source of food to the Inca Indians in the highlands of Peru.

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You will find Llama Nutrient Pellets in this bag:

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