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High energy dog food from Hubbard Life provides efficient nutrition

As a dog owner and breeder, it is very important to me that Sabre and Lady have a nutritious diet providing needed protein, energy, minerals and vitamins.

In addition, having a pet food that they will readily eat is a must. That is exactly what I found when the first bag of Hubbard Life came to our kennel. 

Sabre and Lady went to it immediately and are doing very well on High Energy. The first thing we noticed right away was that they do not need as much of the Hubbard Life High Energy Dog Food thanks to the concentrated nutrient formulation.

Second, the stools are much smaller than what they were previously, which is a function of the highly digestible ingredients.

And third, since less is required, the daily cost of the food is significantly less. This makes for a winning combination thanks to Hubbard Life’s new pet food.

Sometimes pet owners may wonder how much to feed their pets to make sure they are getting enough nutrition while not over feeding. Hubbard Life makes that easy with our resources and tips on

For example, Hubbard Life High Energy Dog Food can be fed right from the bag or mixed with water or broth. If mixing with water or broth, combine 1 part liquid with 4 parts dry dog food.

Feed mature dogs once or twice per day. The amount of food depends on the age, weight, activity level and temperament of the dog. Find your dog’s approximate weight on the chart to help determine the amount of food you should feed daily. Your dog’s age, activity level and environment may require adjustments to the amounts listed below.

Adult dog body weight

Standard 8 oz measuring cups per day*

Toy 3-12 lb

2/3 - 1 3/4

Small 12-25 lb

1 3/4 - 2 1/2

Medium 25-50 lb

2 1/2 - 4

Large 50-80 lb

4 - 6 1/2

Very Large 80 to 100 lb

6 1/2 - 9 plus 1/2 cup for each additional 10 lb body weight over 100 lb

*One standard measuring cup equals 4.0 oz (112 grams)

You can find out more about this product and the other Hubbard Life pet foods at .

Posted on 12/8/2011 by Dr. Dave Whittington  |  Category: Dog
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