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More Products from Hubbard Life for the Animals in Your Life!

Hubbard® Life realizes that animal lovers have a variety of animals they care for.  And to help them provide optimum nutrition to these varied species Hubbard Life has developed specific products for a growing number of animals that you may have.  Hubbard Life Specialty Feeds are HERE!!  Check them out at our website.

You will find them in the bag pictured at the right and the tag will define what the product is for; alpacas, llamas, chinchillas, guinea pigs, deer, game birds (pheasants, quail, chukars, peafowl), ratites (ostriches, rhea, emu), bison, pigeons, rats or mice…we’ve got you covered when it comes to specialty feeds!!





We also have two new multi-speice products for your animals!

Hubbard Life’s Multi-Species Milk Replacer contains complete nutrition for foals, goat kid, lambs, calves, pigs, puppies, kittens, llama/alpaca cria, fawns and elk calves.


Hubbard Life Nutripreme is a pelleted all-purpose conditioner for animals of all ages.  It is formulated to stimulate top production and maximum condition in animals being raised for performance and show. 


At Hubbard Life we offer animal owners more than feed.  We offer them information on management, nutrition and care.  We believe that animal owners want to know as much about their animals diet as they do about their own diet. 

That is why Hubbard Life offers a variety of easy to use media’s to obtain professional information about the animals in your life. Check us out at  and join the blog or tweet your questions or post pictures of your pet on our Facebook page!  You can’t get this type of help at the majority of places that sell pet food.  But you can get it at our website and at your local Hubbard Life dealer.

And don't forget to check out our helpful tips and tools for more great information for the animals you care for and care about.

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