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Get Ready for Chick Days: Facts for starting birds

It’s that time of year…time to get ready for new chicks.  Listed below is a basic ‘quick-start’ guide for starting your birds.    

Broiler: Plan on 7 weeks for a 5-6 lb. bird eating 6-8 lbs. of feed such as Hubbard® Life Homestead® FastGrow®

Layers:  Layers will start to lay eggs around 16-18 weeks of age.   Thus, to raise a bird to egg laying age, plan for a 3-4 lb. bird to eat 13-15 lbs. of a feed such as Hubbard® Life Poultry Developer.

Equipment needed to start with 100 baby chicks: 

  • Feeder:  180 inches
  • Waterers:  A one-gallon waterer for each 25 chicks (so 4 waterers total for 100 chicks)
  • Two heat lamps:  Keep birds space around 90° F for first week then slowly decrease
  • Litter/shaving:  3-4 inches thick
  • Sheet of paper
  • Brood guard: 18-24 in high cardboard
  • Proper feed:  A quality product such as Hubbard Life Homestead Feeds is important for a good start

Setup brood guard (10 ft. circle), place paper over bedding (so chicks don’t eat the bedding), plug in lights and fill waterers and feeders 3-4 hours before arrival. These parameters must be changed as birds become older.  This is a very quick reference.  Go to to get more information.  The links below will take you to more specific guidelines.

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Posted on 2/24/2015 by Dr. Ed Bonnette  |  Category: Poultry
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