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Kinetic in the News: Big things happening in 2016

Two very exciting news stories to share regarding Kinetic Performance Dog Food, which is distributed by Hubbard Life!


Welcome to Vohne Liche Kennels

In November of 2015, the tireless efforts of Hubbard’s Bob Roth and Kinetic’s Dave Dourson finally paid off and resulted in the establishment of a new relationship with Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana. Vohne Liche is a full service Working K-9 kennel representing the very best in highly trained police and military service dogs both in the United States and abroad.

Founded in 1993 by United States Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Kenneth Licklider, Vohne Liche Kennels is simply the best in the industry in training K-9 Teams for protection duty anywhere in the world. The training staff at VLK consists of eighteen on site trainers and six off site trainers all whom are either former military, law enforcement or both.

Vohne Liche trained K-9 Teams can be found working at any number of local, state and federal agencies including the Pentagon, NSA, DoD, US State Department, US Army and over 500 other US government, police, military and civilian agencies. These guys are the best of the best and we welcome them to the Kinetic team.

To learn more about Vohne Liche Kennels and their training methods, you can visit their website.


Introducing Team Kinetic

In February of 2016, Kinetic officially introduced Team Kinetic, a group of dedicated dog professionals who work to build and support Kinetic. Made up of Team Staff and Pro Staff levels, Team Kinetic is a group of industry influencers who serve as advocates for the Kinetic brand in their respective performance areas.

Current Team Kinetic members represent professional breeders, trainers and competitors in the areas of hunting dogs, mushing dogs and police and military protection dogs. They’re generally very well known in their fields and willing advocates for a brand they believe in. Most current members have been feeding the brand for years and were already working in some unofficial capacity to spread the Kinetic story.

There are also plans to further expand Team Kinetic in the future. While the intent is to maintain a small core group of dedicated members, future plans for Team Kinetic include adding key professionals in other geographies as well as additional performance areas. Additional area of focus might include activities such as herding, dock jumping, agility and other working disciplines.

To learn more about Team Kinetic members and their training and competitive methods, you can view their bios on the Kinetic website.

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New Year, New Opportunities: Get your game birds ready

What a difference a year can make and we’ve definitely seen a turnaround when it comes to moisture this season. Crops are projected to be very good in most parts of the Corn Belt, which has driven grain prices to much lower levels.

“USDA forecast the corn crop at 14.03 billion bushels, up from its July forecast of 13.86 billion and from the 2013 harvest of 13.925 billion. The soybean crop at 3.816 billion would be up from July’s 3.8 billion forecast and from 2013’s 3.3 billion”.

That’s good news for our game bird producers who rely on formulas that contain corn, soybean meal, and other crops. Many of you are at a point where this year’s flock is nearing maturity and ready for hunting season, but one may want to consider the opportunities that lie ahead for this coming year’s crop. Now is a good time to start looking at forward pricing for your game bird feeds to give you an idea where prices are going to be.

The following will give you a guideline for figuring how much total feed you’ll need per bird;





Starter to 6 weeks

.8 lbs

1.4 lbs

1.8 lbs


2.5 lbs to 16 weeks

5 lbs to 14 weeks

9 lbs to 14 weeks

**Remember to add Flight Conditioner quantities depending on how long you’ll be holding your birds.


Why not give consideration to the great Hubbard® Life Game Bird feeds this coming year. These items are proven to provide optimum performance and the quality you expect and deserve.

Hubbard Life Game Bird Products

Game Bird Starter:  A complete 27% granulated ration that is specifically formulated for priming the digestive tract for optimal development and growth in all game birds.

Game Bird Grower:  A complete 20% (min-pellet) granulated ration for growing game birds fast and efficiently for market using high levels of vitamins/minerals and probiotics.

Game Bird Flight:  A complete 17% (min-pellet) granulated ration specifically formulated using synthetic and natural amino acids for producing well-feathered, lean birds that will be released at a later stage. Ideal for birds that are going to be released for immediate hunting.

Game Bird Breeder:  A complete 18% ration with high levels of vitamins and trace minerals to help improve fertility, egg strength, hatchability and chick livability.

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Game On With Game Birds

If you’re like I am you’ve noticed our wild game bird populations have declined recently. Mostly due to weather, but also due to less CRP, less food sources, and less natural cover for game birds to thrive. This affect has even hit states like South Dakota where Pheasant Hunting is huge business and brings thousands of dollars in tourism income into the state. This has created a nice demand for those that raise pheasants and quail for public hunting preserves and private hunting farms. The ultimate goal for those that purchase game birds for hunters is to provide them the hunting experience that closely represents wild bird hunting.

Can you tell the difference in pen raised vs. wild birds? Well that depends…I’ve experienced both good and bad hunts  and can tell you there’s nothing more disheartening than having your prized bird dog catching birds on the ground because they aren’t able to fly well. If you’ve got a pointing dog, that’s a big issue as old Spot you’ve been steadying to wing and shot, can have serious issues to overcome once he starts catching poor flyers.

Causes of poor flight birds can range from improper nutrition, lack of exercise area for flight conditioning, overcrowding, poor health, under or over weight, and poor feather growth. As you can see many of the potential issues are directly related to proper nutrition. To prevent this from happening it’s important to select a good reputable nutrition company to work with like the folks at Hubbard® Life. Secondly you should follow the feeding directions as close as possible to maximize performance and eliminate secondary effects. Medication options are available to prevent health challenges and maximize growth potential. It’s also important that you feed the proper products to your birds to provide the correct nutrition for each life stage.

For flight birds that will be released use the following directions;

Hubbard® Life Game Bird Starter – Feed as the sole ration (free choice) from hatch through 8 weeks of age. Birds can then be switched to Hubbard Life Game Bird Flight.

Hubbard® Life Game Bird Flight Feed as the sole ration (free choice) from 9 weeks of age and continue until release.

Water – Birds should have access to clean fresh water at all times. When starting day-old birds or after moving or transporting birds, give access to water before putting feed in the feeders.

Grit – When birds have access to coarse litter or whole grains, an insoluble grit should be fed. Limit intake of grit to 1 pound per 100 pounds of feed or 2 pounds per 100 birds per week. Grit can either be blended with their regular ration or offered free choice in a separate feeder.

For further nutritional information on the Hubbard® Life Game Bird Feeds go to

Most states allow Hunting Preserves to operate through the month of March so get out and enjoy some late season hunting while getting you and old Spot some exercise.

Best of luck!

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