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Presidential Pets

No matter what your political preference this election season, I think there is one thing we can all agree on, it would be great to be a pet living at the White House.  The pets we usually think about are the dogs that each president brings along with them, so here are some interesting facts:

  • 68% of U.S. Presidents owned a dog while in office, and 20% owned a cat.
  • Political affiliations of these dogs: 18 Republicans, 17 Democrats, 4 Independents, and 3 Whigs
  • George Washington is not only the “Father of Our Country”; he is also the father of the American Foxhound, running a breeding program and owning more than 30 hounds.
  • Theodore Roosevelt’s Bull Terrier, Pete,  almost caused a scandal when he ripped the pants off of the French Ambassador
  • Gerald Ford had a special signal for his Golden Retriever, Liberty, which would cause her to wag her tail cutting short meetings in the Oval Office. 

But apart from the canines we most think of as pets, there was a time when more exotic animals also roamed the grounds of the White House. 

  • William Taft had the last cow at the White House, named Pauline Wayne. 
  • Calvin Coolidge literally had a zoo at the presidential home, and the animals included: raccoons, a donkey, Smokey the bobcat, lion cubs, a wallaby, a pigmy hippo, and a bear.
  • John Kennedy also had a menagerie of animals, including a dog, cat, canary, parakeets, ponies, a horse, hamsters, and rabbits. 

So, while the Hubbard Life sales force team beefs up on security measures to try to get our products into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, let me share some of the products that we could recommend for the presidential animals. 

Hubbard® Life Happy Hound is a convenient, complete and balanced, bite-sized food with a superior meat formula for your active, hard-working adult dog. Now with 50% more fat to help meet the energy requirements and provide the essential fatty acids of the active dog.

Hubbard® Life Cat Stars Cat Food is a balanced diet with star shaped morsels that provides every essential nutrient for every stage of your cat’s life. Hubbard Life Cat Stars is fortified with taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, to aid in the prevention of blindness and heart muscle disease.  High quality chicken, liver, fish, and egg protein have been added for extra taste appeal.

Hubbard® Life Summit® is a 14% feed designed to meet the nutritional requirements of horses at all stage of life.  It is fortified with organic trace minerals, vitamins, and yeast for better nutrient absorption, and overall health of your horse.

Be sure to visit to learn about even more about the nutritious feeds provided by Hubbard that we are sure would get the stamp of approval from presidential pets!



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