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What Do Chelated Trace Minerals Do For My Horse?

I had this very question posed to me recently by a feed dealer.  "So, what are chelated trace minerals all about?  Are they important for my horse?"

The first answer is lengthier and we will cover that in this blog. 

The second answer is certainly “YES!”  That will be apparent to you after our discussion here.

The addition of Chelated Trace Minerals (otherwise known as organic minerals) is beneficial because of the increased uptake of the minerals across the gut wall.  Increased levels of the minerals zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt can help in many biological functions including resistance to stress and disease as well as increasing reproductive performance.

By feeding chelated trace minerals with high biological availability you will see better growth and development of the skeleton, muscle structure and overall health of your horse.

And more good news…research shows that feeding highly bioavailable trace minerals helps optimize normal foot function and decreases the incidence of lameness.  We all want that!

Look for the following information on your feed tag to know you’re feeding the industry’s highest quality essential trace minerals:

  • Zinc methionine complex (zinc amino acid complex)
  • Copper lysine complex (copper amino acid complex)
  • Manganese methionine complex (manganese amino acid complex)
  • Cobalt glucoheptonate complex

Those chelated trace minerals are easily absorbed, providing a more balanced diet.  So, you can feel good about your horse’s diet.  Not all horse feeds on the market contain chelated trace minerals, so there is some disparity between products.  They are not all created equal!

Hubbard® Life Horse Feed is a good place to start.  The entire line of products contains chelated trace minerals.  You can buy Hubbard® Life Horse Feeds wherever Hubbard Feeds are sold.  Check our website to locate a dealer near you.  You can also read other interesting equine blogs from nutrition specialists at Hubbard Feeds.

The website also features full descriptions of each Hubbard® Life product.  That is where you can learn more about:

Make the most of your nutrition program and switch to products formulated with chelated trace minerals.  You’ll be happy you did...and so will your horse!

Posted on 11/27/2013 by Amy Brown  |  Category: Equine
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