Hubbard Life

Doug Rowse

Regional Sales Manager

As a kid growing up in rural Nebraska, love for pets and farm animals was as natural as the work you did caring for them.  Doug’s passion combined with his strong competitive nature drew him into the business and hobbies with both Coon Hounds and later Bird Dogs.  He started competing in UKC Coon Hunts while in his teens and later spent some 15 years on the horse back field trial bird dog circuit contending in both AKC and American Field events.  Success didn’t always come easy, but Doug finished a number of Field Champions and won runner up at the NVA National Championship 1997.  Doug also served 2 terms as President of the National Vizsla Association which was a very rewarding experience.  This organization’s focus was on improving the field performance of the Hungarian Vizsla Breed through field trial competition.  It’s there that he was able to meet and interact with fellow enthusiast from across the US.

He was fortunate growing up in the sand hills of Nebraska as every year Professional Bird Dog trainers would show up from around the country to train their dogs for the upcoming fall season. Spending time with them gave him great insight into what it takes to train and nurture dogs to finished form.

Doug raised many litters of puppies over the years with one focus in mind, “to improve the breed”. Having a good sound nutritional program is a must for these exceptional athletes.  He firmly believes in the Hubbard® Life products and programs and looks forward to discussing various topics in the coming weeks.


  • Associate Degree in Ag Business from Northeast College

Livestock Industry Work Experience;

  • Farmland Industries - Retail Sales Manager
  • Central Valley Ag – VP Feed
  • Hubbard Feeds – Regional Sales Manager