Hubbard Life

Stephanie Jaeger-Whipps

Account Manager

Growing up a surfer in southern California, Stephanie is not from a family farming or ranching background.  She became interested in agriculture in high school through course offerings and her school’s FFA program.  In college, Stephanie focused her education in Animal Science while also helping to run commercial sheep and cattle operations.  Following graduate school in Lincoln, she moved to southwest Nebraska where she and her husband and 2 sons run their family’s ranch.

Stephanie began training and using Australian Kelpies on the ranch 9 years ago.  With the addition of “Dos” to the family 6 years ago, he opened up a whole new world by demonstrating what a working dog could do on a ranch.  Her passion for good working stock dogs and stockmanship has led her family to raise and train some of their own kelpies.  

Stephanie’s career as an account manager with Hubbard allows her to spend time with fellow ranchers and livestock producers on a daily basis.  Covering an area comprised mostly beef producers in western Kansas and southwest Nebraska, she enjoys working with various operations and sharing ideas or learning new things from them. 

What motivates Stephanie?

“I have the privilege every day of making an impact on fellow livestock producers or Hubbard® Life customers, whether it’s with nutritional services and products, or just sharing ideas and experiences. In the end, we are all striving to better ourselves and our animals.

In addition, I love sharing the message about farming and ranching with those not involved in agriculture.  It’s great to assist the general public to understand how and why we do things to make their food supply the best in the world.   


  • B.S. Animal Science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • M.S. Animal Science at University of Nebraska Lincoln

 Livestock industry work experience:

  • Feed sales for local cooperative
  • Own cow/calf and cattle growing operation
  • Hubbard Feeds account manager since 2007